Ebook: Guide to Internet Marketing

Hubspot’s Pamela Vaughn sent the Geek a head’s up that their Guide to Internet Marketing has been updated. It’s all shiny, new, and filled with Geek-a-licious info that will make your organization smarter! Pamela says you will learn:

* How to optimize your website for SEO
* How to promote content in social media
* How to convert site traffic into leads
* How to nurture leads until ready to buy
* Plus 4 more essential steps

Download it here.

Presentations- Best Practices for Online Sustained Giving

Convio recently shared this presentation:

Presentations- Why Most Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work

New from Indelible Branding:

Free Ebook: The Ultimate Marketing How To Guide

Courtesy of Hubspot, this guide has plenty of takeaways for your nonprofit. Per Hubspot, you will learn:

* How to optimize your press release
* How to stay ahead of the competition
* How to write an awesome ebook
* How to optimize your offline events for the web
* How to design your first buyer persona
* Plus 15 more tidbits of invaluable marketing advice!

Let us know how it helps your organization. Download the ebook here.

Presentations- Introduction to the Semantic Web and the Nonprofit Social Graph

Presented by Andrew Sears of Tech Mission. It sounds like a mouthful, but if the Geek could figure it out, you’ll be fine. Give it a look:

Webinar Tomorrow: Fundraising Catalogs

Join Common Knowledge tomorrow afternoon for a webinar about online fundraising catalogs. Per their website:


Join us for a detailed look at how leading nonprofit such as World Wildlife Fund and Defenders of Wildlife market their profitable online catalogs year-round, dispelling the myth that fundraising catalogs are just for year-end holiday gift giving season.

Online Fundraising Catalogs are growing in popularity in the nonprofit sector because they require a minimum investment to get started, and scale quickly – growing to multi-million dollar programs in under five years.  Organizations such as World Wildlife Fund, Defenders of Wildlife, Operation Smile, and Save the Children have been wildly successful with their respective fundraising catalog programs at year-end to capitalize on the holiday gift-giving season.

But there’s a little secret about all of these programs: They are used YEAR-ROUND for fundraising, and net significantly more revenue and profit as a result.

Join us for a look at the best practices, tips, and practical examples for building a successful year-round fundraising catalog program.

Keywords: online fundraising, fundraising catalog, year-round program, Defenders of Wildlife, Operation Smile, Save the Children

Featured Presenter: Jeff Patrick, President, Common Knowledge

Audience: Development & marketing nonprofit professionals

Date: Friday February 3, 2012

Time: 11:30 am to 12:30 pm PACIFIC / 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm EASTERN



Ebook: How to Monitor Your Social Media in 10 Minutes A Day

Hubspot has a free ebook to help you keep on top of your social media presence. Per Rebecca Corliss:

Social media can be beneficial for your business, but monitoring different channels can take a lot of time. Where do you start?

Download HubSpot’s ebook (in text and audio formats) to learn how you can streamline your social media monitoring while saving time! This ebook is read aloud by the author, Rebecca Corliss.

This ebook will teach you the most important elements you should be monitoring across relevant social media networks. We will suggest a few practical habits you can execute while sipping your morning coffee.

After reading or listening to this 20-page ebook, you’ll know:

  • How to best spend your time monitoring social media
  • How other marketers are spending time on social media
  • What tools consolidate your social media information
  • What you should be monitoring on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

Let us know if this resource was helpful.

Download HubSpot’s free ebook, “How to Monitor Your Social Media Presence in 10 Minutes a Day”!

Presentations- Social Media Measurement

By Jay Baer at the Social Media Success Summit.

Presentations- Developing a Crisis Communications Plan

From Justin Levy and Radian6:

Social Media Audit by Kary Delaria

View more presentations from Radian6

Presentations- Social Good Begins With A Strategy

From Cory Hartlen of Radian6:

Social Good Begins with a Strategy

View more presentations from Radian6
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