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WHEN IT COMES TO FUNDRAISING, how do you make the very best use of your volunteers’ time? You communicate exactly what they need to know to raise money – and no more. In The Busy Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising, Kay Sprinkel Grace homes in on the truths and nothing but the truths about what works in fundraising, and what doesn’t. Having worked with tens of thousands of volunteers, Grace knows better than to bog them down with pages and pages of theory. Instead, she delivers the essential how-to’s in a jargon-free, one-hour-to-read book that achieves three things: 1) It opens eyes and dispels a host of misunderstandings about raising money, 2) It shows that it doesn’t takes hours and hours of preparation to succeed at fundraising, and, 3) It empowers volunteers to get about the task at once. Complements the book, Asking, by Jerold Panas.